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"Bring Back Bent's" Video

Click on the image to watch a short video about the current condition of Bent's Opera House and the excitement over its revival.
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Built in 1865 and once the centerpiece of the thriving Medina, NY community, Bent's Opera House has fallen into disrepair since its heyday in the early 20th century. The Orleans Renaissance Group has taken on the mission of not only restoring the opera house to its original glory but of turning this classic Medina Sandstone structure into a vital cultural, commercial, and agritourism hub. Check back with this site to watch the progress as we renovate this unique historic building.

About the Bring Back Bent's Video

Created & produced by Michael Gaughn for the Orleans Renaissance Group. Special thanks to Andrew Meier and to Mindy Vizcarra from Becker Farms/Vizcarra Vineyards for their generous help with this production. Thanks also to the Medina merchants & residents for their cooperation.
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Latest NewsWhat's Happening at Bent's

February 19, 20143 years ago

Bent's Is Seeking Historical Images

The Bring Back Bent's site is seeking to create a comprehensive archive of photos and other materials documenting the history of Bent's Opera House. We are especially interested in acquiring high-resolution scans of interior and exterior photos, playbills, newspaper clippings, and similar materials.
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February 19, 20143 years ago

Noted Architect John Page Visits Bent's

Noted preservationist architect John Page of Bero Architecture visited Bent's yesterday to gather information to create plans for renovating the building's facade.
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February 19, 20143 years ago

Community Beer Works Visits Bent's

Ethan Cox and Greg Patterson from Buffalo's Community Beer Works visited Bent's today with an eye toward possibly establishing a satellite microbrewery there.
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