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Bring Back Bent's

November 24, 20143 years ago

Bent's Facade Restoration Update

The restoration of the facade of Bent's Opera House is well along. See below for a report on the progress from Orleans Renaissance Group president Christopher Busch.
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May 4, 20143 years ago

Bent's Featured in Union Sun & Journal "Pride" Magazine

The Orleans Renaissance Group's efforts to restore Bent's Opera House were recently featured in the Lockport Union Sun & Journal's Pride magazine. Click here and go to Page 8 of the magazine to read the story.
April 29, 20143 years ago

Bent's Featured In Civil War Re-enactment

Click here to read a recent story by Christopher Busch on WGRZcom about Bent's Opera House being featured in Saturday's Civil War re-enactment in Medina.
March 30, 20143 years ago

Patricia Mumau Joins the Bent's Preservation Effort

Seeing the tremendous potential for Bent's Opera House as not just a standalone building but an important influence on the Medina area, accomplished graphic designer Patricia Mumau has volunteered her services to the Bent's restoration effort. "Like many, I hope to see Medina and the surrounding area regain vibrance as a community," she said. "The way the Bent's space is used I believe has the potential to aid in that renewal."
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March 20, 20143 years ago

The Landmark Society of Western New York Visits Bent's

Larry Francer (associate director of preservation) and Caitlin Meives (preservation planner) of the Landmark Society of Western New York and Roxanne Kise of the Western Erie Canal Alliance visited Medina on March 19 for a tour of Bent's Opera House.
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February 27, 20143 years ago

Hannah Scott Joins the Bent's Renovation Effort

Inspired by the plans for Bent's Opera House and seeing the tremendous potential of the Medina area, Hannah Scott has volunteered to help with the restoration effort.
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February 19, 20143 years ago

Bent's Is Seeking Historical Images

The Bring Back Bent's site is seeking to create a comprehensive archive of photos and other materials documenting the history of Bent's Opera House. We are especially interested in acquiring high-resolution scans of interior and exterior photos, playbills, newspaper clippings, and similar materials.
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February 19, 20143 years ago

Noted Architect John Page Visits Bent's

Noted preservationist architect John Page of Bero Architecture visited Bent's yesterday to gather information to create plans for renovating the building's facade.
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February 19, 20143 years ago

Community Beer Works Visits Bent's

Ethan Cox and Greg Patterson from Buffalo's Community Beer Works visited Bent's today with an eye toward possibly establishing a satellite microbrewery there.
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