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Patricia Mumau

April 20, 20143 years ago

Jim DeLuca & Don DeMaison Visit Bent's

Bent's continues to have a steady stream of visitors interested in pitching in with the restoration effort. This past Friday, both Jim DeLuca, general manager of Abundance Cooperative Market in Rochester, and Don DeMaison, owner of Long Cliff Winery in Sanborn, toured the building.
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March 30, 20143 years ago

Patricia Mumau Joins the Bent's Preservation Effort

Seeing the tremendous potential for Bent's Opera House as not just a standalone building but an important influence on the Medina area, accomplished graphic designer Patricia Mumau has volunteered her services to the Bent's restoration effort. "Like many, I hope to see Medina and the surrounding area regain vibrance as a community," she said. "The way the Bent's space is used I believe has the potential to aid in that renewal."
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