February 19, 2014 Posted by Mike Gaughn in news

Bent's Is Seeking Historical Images

The Bring Back Bent's site is seeking to create a comprehensive archive of photos and other materials documenting the history of Bent's Opera House. We are especially interested in acquiring high-resolution scans of interior and exterior photos, playbills, newspaper clippings, and similar materials.
For instance, a lot of the detail appears to be missing from the image file above, and it would help the Bent's restoration effort tremendously if we had a high-rez version of the original photo to work from.
If you have anything that might be of interest, either send us a note through the Contact Us section of this site or email us at info@bringbackbents.com. You could either send us high-rez scans (300 dpi JPEG, min. 1,000 pixels wide) of any materials or we could do the scans ourselves and return the originals to you.


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