February 27, 2014 Posted by Mike Gaughn in news

Hannah Scott Joins the Bent's Renovation Effort

Inspired by the plans for Bent's Opera House and seeing the tremendous potential of the Medina area, Hannah Scott has volunteered to help with the restoration effort.
The daughter of Vivianne Szulist, co-owner of Singer Farm Naturals in Appleton, Hannah recently received a degree in Contemporary Craft from Falmouth University in Cornwall, England. Strongly interested in agricultural sustainability, energy self-sufficiency, the crafts tradition, and efforts to encourage a renewed involvement in community, she sees Bent's as an opportunity to explore all her various interests.
“Bent's has amazing potential,” she says, “to be a space where creativity and community can inspire people to work together for a better and sustainable future.”
Among her early goals with the Bent's project will be to help attract commercial tenants who can establish the building as an important wine/culinary/agritourism destination. An important component of this will be the development of a cooperative market for the building's first floor. “It would be lovely to see people who are proud of their skilled work, be it food production or craft, have a space to trade within the town and surrounding areas,” she says.
She also plans to research the Medina area's crafts and manufacturing history and traditions, with an eye toward incorporating appropriate contemporary expressions of those practices into Bent's. “As a craftsperson, I know the joy that comes from creating a product. Medina has a rich history of manufacturing. I am sure there are others who would be excited to have an opportunity to rediscover what we once made for ourselves, instead of buying in from China."
And she's looking forward to collaborating on a national documentary on the renovation. “I think we cold accomplish something wonderful here,” she says. “It would be a missed opportunity if we do not document the story, to show others how it was achieved.” The video, which had been in the works back in the fall, was temporarily put on hold when the original videographer abandoned the project without notice, but has regained significant momentum over the past few weeks.
Hannah will be making a number of key contributions to the efforts to rejuvenate Bent's, and we hope the project will soon attract other enthusiastic, committed volunteers of her caliber.


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