March 30, 2014 Posted by Mike Gaughn in news

Patricia Mumau Joins the Bent's Preservation Effort

Seeing the tremendous potential for Bent's Opera House as not just a standalone building but an important influence on the Medina area, accomplished graphic designer Patricia Mumau has volunteered her services to the Bent's restoration effort. "Like many, I hope to see Medina and the surrounding area regain vibrance as a community," she said. "The way the Bent's space is used I believe has the potential to aid in that renewal."
Patricia will bring many skills to the Bent's project, including her expertise with design, which she has expressed mainly through Fawnsberg, the nationally-successful designer stationery line she runs jointly with her sister Rachel. (You can see examples of her work in the slideshow below.)
"I expect my artistic abilities to contribute to the collective minds that will be developing the style and personality of the Bent's building site," she said. "I also anticipate creativity to play its role in thinking conceptually for the space—i.e., I see tremendous opportunity with the building for the exchange of ideas and the sharing of skills; to equip and inspire innovators, entrepreneurs, and creatives who can then be set loose on the community to influence the local economy and culture."
While working toward a BFA in illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design, Patricia spent a year in Italy studying art history and pursuing independent studio work as part of the European Honors Program. She has since established Fawnsberg, and currently lives in Lyndonville with her family on a small hobby farm of goats, ducks, and gardens.
Patricia will be working primarily with myself and Hannah Scott, who also recently volunteered to help the Bent's effort. Patricia and Hannah share a commitment to revitalizing communities and both have strong creative sensibilities and organizational skills, which make them an ideal fit for this ambitious project.


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